Terms and Conditions


1.1: Registration for participation in the Alkmaar Football Academy can only be done by submitting the registration form on the website.

1.2: With the submission of this registration form, the sender thereof registers for participation in the chosen event and location for which registration is made.

1.3: The registrations for registration are registered by Voetbalacademie Alkmaar in the order of receipt of registrations until the maximum number of participants for the relevant event has been reached.

1.4: After registration you will receive a digital confirmation with the payment conditions.

1.5: Applications for participation that arrive after the maximum number of participants has expired are not legally valid, of which you will be notified.

1.6: If the number of registrations is too small, any event can be canceled, whereby the participation fee already paid will be refunded.

1.7: In case of multiple participants for an activity (football day, matches or other events), the Alkmaar Football Academy reserves the right to make a choice from the players who can participate.

1.8: Cancellation / rejection of training courses and activities that are canceled due to extreme cases where there is no possibility to overtake will lapse without refund of registration and registration fees.


2.1: After registration, a digital payment conditions will follow by e-mail stating the amount due for participation in the event.

2.2: The amount due must be paid within the period stated on the invoice / registration forms.

2.3: If the stated payment term is exceeded, the registration will automatically lapse, but the participation fee will remain due.

2.4: In the event of an activity, course or event, the participant remains obliged to pay the full amount in the meantime, at the Academy this will be as from the notification that the player has been hired and the first payment request has been made to you.



3.1: With the submission of the registration form, the sender has definitely registered for participation in an event of Voetbalacademie Alkmaar for which he or she has registered. If the participant nevertheless wishes to cancel his registration, the participant owes 25% of the participation fee, as a result of which the (possible) remainder will be refunded.

3.2: In the event of illness or injury, the parent and / or carer must report to the Alkmaar Football Academy and we will see how we can find a suitable solution together.

3.3: In principle, the events always take place, but Voetbalacademie Alkmaar reserves the right to cancel an event. You will always be informed of this digitally.

3.4: In case of non-payment after the expiry of the payment term, the claim will be transferred to a debt collection agency.


4.1: Football Academy Alkmaar cannot be held liable for loss / theft, material damage and injuries.

4.2: Alkmaar Football Academy is a guest at various football clubs and sports facilities. This means that the participants must behave correctly both on and off the field.

4.3: Participation in an event is entirely without obligation and at your own risk. The participant must be present on time. Wearing the obtained clothing is mandatory. The participant is expected to have a positive attitude towards the trainers, supervisors as well as towards the other participants.


Voetbalacademie Alkmaar reserves the right to use all photos and videos taken for its own purposes, such as use for website, flyers, DVD, promotional purposes. If you do not allow us to use this material, you must notify us.


We will only use your data to contact you and to send you news and information. We will protect your personal information and data and ensure that it will only be shared with your consent or under lawful circumstances. By completing the registration form you agree to sending our news (letter), this can be reversed by sending an email with unsubscribe.


The contents of the general terms and conditions have been compiled in good faith and carefully.

However, the Alkmaar Football Academy and employees are not liable for any damage caused by following an event at the Alkmaar Football Academy / Alkmaar Football Academy events or the application of the exercise material treated. Participation is at your own responsibility. Loss of business cannot be recovered from us. [think of theft from changing rooms, etc.]

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